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Commotio Retinae

Commotio Retinae

Commotio Retinae or Berlin’s Oedema is a condition in which the retina gets grey-white opacification or discolouration. Following the blunt trauma, the shock waves pass through the eyes. As a result of it, retina becomes discoloured or bruised.

Commotio retinae was firstly described by Berlin in 1873. So it is called Berlin’s Oedema also.


Commotio retinae (berlin’s edema) is a usually caused by the blunt injury, or contrecoup injury to the eye. After couple of hours of the blunt injury, the vision decreases.

Symptoms of Commotio Retinae:

The signs and symptoms of commotio retinae are listed below –

  • Blurry vision
  • Vision loss or
  • Visual field defect
  • Central or paracentral scotoma
  • Metamorphopsia
  • Hyphema
  • Iridodialysis
  • Vitreous hemorrhage
  • Choroidal rupture
  • Traumatic macular hole
  • Orbital fracture, or globe rupture.


Diagnosis System

  1. OCT
  2. Dilated fundus examination
  3. Fundus photography
  4. Ultrasonography



Actually there is no specific medical treatment in case of this problem. The vision of eye generally recovers from itself. The recovery may take a few days or a few weeks.

Actually the recovery of this problem depends on the location (central on the retina or not) and the severity of the conditions. You may permanently loss the vision of your eye in case of serious or severe conditions.



How long does commotio Retinae last?

There is no specific duration. But in case of most of the people it takes 3-5 weeks. The duration may increase in case of severe condition for a full recovery.

What is a bruised retina?

A “bruised retina” is a condition that occurs from blunt trauma.

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