The Top 6 Ways That Safety Glasses Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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If you work in engineering, manufacturing, or construction, you’re probably exposed to eye hazards every day. The same is true if you play a contact sport or spend time on do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Although it can be annoying to continually put on personal protective equipment, wearing prescription safety glasses is one of the most reliable methods for keeping your eyes healthy. Read on for the top six ways that safety glasses maintain your vision.

1. Prescription Safety Glasses Help You Avoid Puncture Wounds

If you choose safety glasses that are shatterproof, they prevent flying debris from puncturing your eye. By avoiding puncture wounds, you also avoid conditions such as double vision, worsened myopia, internal bleeding, and even blindness. For best results, look for glasses that have a Z87 rating from the American National Standards Institute. This classification means that your glasses have been tested and are guaranteed to stand up to high-velocity impacts.

2. They Prevent Infections

Wood chips, glass splinters, and other kinds of debris aren’t the only things that can hurt your eyes; biohazards and caustic chemicals can enter your eyes and cause infections. Safety glasses protect you from accidental splashes and spills.

Additionally, many diseases are transmissible through the eyes:

  • Trachoma
  • Pink eye
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Chalazia
  • Sties

If you work in a hospital, urgent care clinic, or another environment with many of these pathogens, wearing a pair of prescription safety glasses prevents droplet transmission. It also discourages you from rubbing your eyes after coming into contact with a biohazard.

3. They Increase Your Visibility

Many safety glasses include coatings against problems that decrease your visibility:

  • Fog
  • Dust
  • Scratches

When you can see better, you’re less likely to hurt yourself or others, and you can spot and respond to potentially hazardous conditions.

4. They Shield Your Eyes From UV Damage

If you work inside, UV radiation probably isn’t a big concern. If you work outside or in an industry that uses UV rays, such as dental or medical manufacturing, prescription safety glasses that include UV protection are a must. Over time, too much exposure to UV radiation can inflame your corneas and encourage the growth of cancers and cataracts.

5. They Create a Culture of Safety

Particularly if you’re a leader in your workplace, wearing safety glasses signals to your coworkers and employer that you’re serious about safety. Other employees are likely to follow your lead and wear safety glasses, decreasing your chances of workplace accidents.

6. They Help You See Clearly

If you need corrective lenses, you can get safety glasses that match your prescription. Getting prescription glasses means that you don’t have to stack safety glasses on top of your regular ones. Not only is it easier to see through just one pair, but you’re also less likely to leave a set of glasses off and risk straining or damaging your eyes.

Once you’ve educated yourself about the ways that safety glasses promote your health, take a look at your options on Marvel Optics’ website. Then, make wearing your new glasses a habit so that your eyes stay in top condition.

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