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What is the meaning of Teleradiology?

Teleradiology, also referred to as telediagnosis, is the practice of radiologists remotely reading and interpreting images from a distance. Teleradiology is practiced using either internet technology or wireless technology.

Teleradiology refers to the practice of using telecommunication technology to send medical images from one site to another. In its simplest form, teleradiology is the use of internet and email to transmit medical images such as X-Rays and Ultrasounds over long distances, usually nationally or internationally. However, in practice teleradiology can be far more complex than this. For example many teleradiology services like entail a large degree of automation so that no human intervention is required throughout the process of acquiring an image, reading it remotely and sending it back where appropriate with notes and other information.

What are the benefits of Teleradiology?

Teleradiology has many benefits and advantages. By using teleradiology, it can improve the quality of care by providing a second opinion from another radiologist. It also reduces costs by minimizing unnecessary imaging studies as well as decreasing clinical errors, including misdiagnosis. Teleradiology is also more cost effective than traveling to far-away locations for radiology visits, which will not require anymore travel for you or your patients. Finally, it improves patient safety, because you are able to read and analyze the images from any location.

Is PACS a Teleradiology?

PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System. Teleradiology is a branch of Information Technology which uses telecommunication devices for healthcare purposes such as telephonic consultation, transmission of medical images and videos etc. Though PACS can be used to simplify the communication between a radiologist and its associated facilities, it is not an example of teleradiology.

Teleradiology Software

Teleradiology Software is a modern, advanced and powerful solution for teleradiology service providers. It allows easy creation of multilanguage teleradiology reports in compliance with the most rigid standards.

Simply scan and upload your image anywhere, anytime. Featuring an intuitive user interface, with full compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, our teleradiology software is the easiest way to send images and reports when you are on the go.

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