An Overview on Ambulance Transportation

Ambulance Transportation

Ambulances can be a life saver when traveling in areas where it’s difficult to find emergency services. They may also come in handy during natural disasters, when local emergency services may be unable to reach a facility due to damage or the weight of material. An ambulance is a car that can take sick or injured persons who need immediate medical attention and transport them to a hospital. Patients can be moved between hospitals using ambulances as well.

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There are various ambulance models, all of which come with specialized equipment and include:

  • vans (the most common type of ambulance)
  • four-wheel drives
  • motorbikes
  • buses
  • airplanes
  • helicopters

In rural, isolated, or wilderness places and in specific emergency situations, air ambulances and helicopter ambulances are frequently used.


When should I make an ambulance request?

In case of emergency, dial triple zero (000) and request an ambulance, for instance if:

  • is experiencing a suspected heart attack, or has unexplained chest pain or chest tightness
  • suddenly has weakness, numbness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg
  • is having breathing difficulties
  • is unconscious
  • has a seizure
  • falls from a great height
  • has been stabbed or shot
  • has a severe burn (especially in children)
  • has sudden and severe abdominal pain
  • has been injured in a major vehicle accident
  • has collapsed suddenly or lost consciousness
  • suddenly collapses or falls
  • is experiencing heavy or uncontrollable bleeding
  • has one or more broken bone


Why do we need an ambulance?

An ambulance is a vehicle equipped to provide emergency care to sick or injured people and to get them to hospital. Patients can be moved between hospitals using ambulances as well.


What is the starting investment for a medical transportation company?

For approximately $12,000, you can launch a medical transportation company. Costs include a website, licenses and certificates, and a wheelchair-accessible van.

What permits do I require to launch a medical transportation company?

The certification and licensing standards for medical transportation businesses and drivers vary by state. You should at the very least be trained in CPR and basic aid. For laws, check with your state. Other business licenses and permits can be required at the state and local levels as well. For requirements, see your local governments or go to MyCorporation’s Business License Compliance website.

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