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THC oils are gaining more and more popularity due to their potency, versatility, and convenience. THC oils can be taken orally thereby providing a convenient way to consume THC. But what is THC oil? THC is the main psychoactive substance found in marijuana and THC oil is simply an extract or a concentrate from the original THC compound. This is done by soaking the cannabis plant in solvents like CO2 or Butane. THC remains a regulated substance, but it has many benefits.


Benefits of THC Oils

Here are some of the key benefits of THC:

1) THC Oil for Pain relief

With the proper intake of THC oils, it can interact with your body’s endocannabinoid systems to help with the feelings of pain caused by inflammation or other sources of pain. It also comes in handy when addressing chronic pain conditions.

2) THC Oil Reduces depression and anxiety

Many people are faced with various forms of stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Studies show that THC oils play a vital role in elevating the mood of the person and also giving them a sense of relaxation to ease their stress and anxiety. This is achieved by THC interacting with the serotonin receptor, which is responsible for moods.

3) THC Oil for Better sleep

With much research going on about THC, it has been discovered that THC oils can help with the difficulties of sleeping and improve your overall sleep quality thereby promoting healthy sleeping.

4) THC Oil Improves Appetite

THC has been found to stimulate the appetite of many people, also referred to as “Munchies”. It simply triggers the hunger response in the body and heightens the taste and smell of the individual. This allows THC to be used for people with appetite loss, for example, people who undergo chemotherapy.


THC Oil Options

Here at CannaSutra, we offer two options when it comes to THC oils. The first one is the Indica strain, and the second is the Sativa strain.

Indica THC oils – The Indica THC oil option gives you that relaxing and sedative effect which can help you relieve your pain, anxiety, or insomnia. In common CBD language, Indica THC oils are known to provide the “body high”, which helps the user to unwind and de-stress.

 Sativa THC oils – The Sativa THC oil option gives that energizing and uplifting effect usually associated with cerebral actions. Meaning that the Sativa strain helps with focus and creativity and acts as a stimulant for the body.


THC Oil Strengths

Here at CannaSutra, we have various strengths of THC oils that are fit for various needs and based on your preference.

  1. Mild (15mg) – This oil strength contains 15mg of active THC within every dose. This option is good for those just starting with THC or are looking for very minimal psychoactive effects from THC.
  2. Medium (30 mg) – Looking for more profound effects? Then go for the Medium THC oil with a 30mg THC within every dose. The medium THC brings a blend of intoxication with therapeutic features. Can work for moderate insomnia, pain, or nausea. The full dose of this is only advised for those with some THC experience.
  3. Double Strength – This THC oil strength comes with 60mg within every dose. If you are looking for double or nothing, then this is for you. This comes with significant intoxication with therapeutic benefits for some symptoms being maximized. It is usually advised to use during the night time due to its strong effects.
  4. Triple Strength – Talk about the elephant in the room, our most potent THC oil, the triple-strength THC oil. This comes with 120mg within every dose. Our triple-strength THC oil offers a more robust relief for pains, chronic pains, appetite loss, chemotherapy side effects, and many more reliefs. Please note, only experienced users should make use of the Triple Strength THC oil and it’s advised to be used only at night.


Purchasing THC Oils from CannaSutra

With CannaSutra as your go-to for everything cannabis product, we offer you only quality Canna THC oils. To get started with us, visit CannaSutra and buy your desired product. Browse the selection, add to the cart, and place your order. All orders on our platform are secure and discreet using safe online payment methods.



The benefits of THC oil for users in today’s world are enormous. THC provides relief for chronic situations and appetite for those just coming out of chemo. With CannaSutra, you have opened to various options of THC oils – from our mild, medium, double strength, and triple strength THC oils. You can securely make payment online and get your products delivered to you.

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