Best Percussion Massager in Australia

The percussion massager is one of the best ways to get rid of back tension and promote blood circulation. Our team of professionals has designed a range of percussion massagers designed to give you a rejuvenating feel. We recommend our percussion massager to people suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer, psoriasis, eczema and neurological conditions such as stroke or multiple sclerosis . Our medical grade instrument helps in improving the flexibility of muscles and relieves pain.

Booster Massage Gun is the Best Massage Gun in Australia. It has a powerful motor and good speed frequency which can loosen up your muscle quickly, provide you with comfort massage experience, and effectively relieve the pain to your painful areas.

Percussion massagers use multiple taps, slaps and flat strokes to restore balance and mobility in the back muscles, reverse deep muscle relaxation, integrate calcium into existing bone strength and loosen knots. The thumps, taps and stokes that I use in my massages are percussion strokes inspired by those used by a therapist treating the Peruvian Llama when it has back pain. Llamas are so powerful that their back muscles can rupture if they get into a fight with another llama.

The iTherapy IceWave PEMF Percussion Massager uses Pamitech’s combined TENS and EMS technology to provide a soothing and effective treatment to the whole body. This amazing ice wave percussion massager uses the latest technology and is suitable for the whole family, delivering deep penetrating oscillations that deliver targeted muscle stimulation. The flat, soft surface, high frequency Percussion rollers provide deep tissue massage to set your whole body at ease as it relieves aches and pains.

As easy to operate as a TV, it simply has 3 speed settings for convenience so you can either use it for general relaxing or just adjust it to get the most out of your massage. Complete with detachable pad for use on larger hard-to-reach areas or add an extra pad for the lower body and face. With the added bonus of a contoured carry handle and rechargeable batteries, this delivers much more than just a regular massage!

The Migraine Buster is the unique and revolutionary, high speed, handheld percussion massager that has been clinically proven to be effective in treating migraine headaches, tension headaches and headaches associated with cluster/hot flushes. Best of all it can be used as a general purpose massager, easing muscle tension and stress throughout the body.


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