Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Smokers with electronic cigarettes can still get their daily hit and experience the ritual of smoking an electronic cigarette. Featuring a unique silicone body, the HIOX Disposable E-Cigarette allows smokers to change flavor cartridges when they get bored, just like they would with traditional cigarettes. They work with all eGo batteries and are guaranteed to deliver a quality vaping experience when you need it most.

Introduction: An electronic cigarette is an alternative way of nicotine intake, which is recently becoming very popular in the world. This is because electronic cigarettes offer similar sensation to those who smoke real cigarettes. The difference between a real and an electronic cigarette is that the e-cigarette does not burn or produce any harmful toxins.

A healthier alternative to burning tobacco, our electronic nicotine delivery devices are FDA approved. The top brands in one place. Great selection, great prices and value.

Counterfeit electronic cigarettes often find their way into the marketplace through internet auction sites and off-shore electronic cigarette suppliers. The prices are attractive and the product appears legitimate, but often these products contain little, if any of the described ingredients, and even less nicotine.

You’ve probably seen the commercials and maybe even attended some of the meetings trying to get medical marijuana passed by the state. This is because marijuana has allowed certain people who are severely ill to use it as way to gain relief from pain, nausea and other symptoms caused by their illness (source). Marijuana is a substance that comes from cannabis plants and has been used for centuries for its medicinal purposes. The U.S government categorizes this drug as a schedule one drug, meaning that it has high potential for abuse, no known medical use and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision (source).

This classification also means that it is subject to more stringent controls than narcotics or amphetamines, which have much higher addictive properties and consequences in comparison. According to DEA sources, no valid medical purpose to its use exists making this drug illegal throughout the country (source). Most individuals who support medical marijuana believe that if smoked or ingested correctly, the substance can have a powerful impact on sicknesses such as cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis among many others. Just lately there have been several studies conducted on these substances and results have shown that is can impact some illnesses this way (source). Unfortunately since smoking marijuana still remains unhealthy, most opposed groups suggest alternative ways

KS Quik Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a brand new easy-to-use, light weight and convenient product. It has user friendly design and fashionable look. It is an innovative way to satisfy your need of nicotine, especially at workplace, home, or other public areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

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