Prediction for 2022 – Very Serious Issue is Going to be Held

Prediction for 2022

Prediction for 2022

Forecasts of future trends are presented in this article. The forecasts range from scientific to social, economic, and political. The forecasts predicted a future where the human race has already reached the point where we must decide whether we should colonize other planets. This is because of an overpopulation problem on Earth.

The scientists predict that the Earth’s population is going to rise up to 12 billion by the year 2022. With such a large population, it is inevitable that Earth’s resources will be depleted and will result in a catastrophe for mankind. This is why scientists are looking into Mars as a possible place for colonization for the human race.

Scientists and researchers have predicted that by the year 2022, robots will be able to do almost everything a human can do. Here is a list of the predictions made by the experts:

Prediction for 2022
Prediction for 2022

Robots will be able to move independently

The robots we have today can walk, run, climb stairs or even jump but they still need us to help them in some cases. According to scientists, this will change by 2022. They believe that within a decade robots will be able to perform these tasks without any human interaction. They predict that the technology will advance so much that robots will be able to reason like humans and respond naturally in any given scenario.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is similar to the predictions made about artificial intelligence (AI) which are proving true at an alarmingly fast rate. AI has already started taking over simple jobs and scientists now believe that it won’t take long before AI starts taking over simple jobs that don’t require complex reasoning skills like driving, cleaning and other household chores.

New Form of Electricity

It is predicted that in 2022, a new form of electricity will be discovered by scientists. This new form of electricity will be able to controlled and harnessed. Scientists are actually researching into it now. It is predicted that this new form of electricity will be produced by a machine which can convert a small amount of matter into pure energy.

This would mean that the price of electricity would plunge. Theoretically, it could cost as little as one hundredth of today’s price per kilowatt hour when it becomes available in 2022.


Genetic testing is getting cheaper and more accessible. By 2022, it could be as easy as ordering a DNA kit online, spitting into a test tube, sending it away to a lab and getting your full genetic code back. This kind of information would tell you not only your risk of certain diseases — like breast cancer — but also your predisposition to other traits like hair or eye color, height or weight.

This could create an entirely new industry of genetic counselors who specialize in interpreting these tests for patients. As genetic testing gets more common, it could be used to assess someone’s risk of developing certain diseases earlier than they would otherwise be diagnosed. It might even be used as evidence in lawsuits against companies accused of causing harm due to environmental pollution.


Global Warming

Global warming has become a big issue for many people in recent years because of its effect on our environment and ourselves. With more than 2000 scientists from over 100 countries admitting that the problem exists, it’s hard to believe that anyone would think that this is just a myth. The damage is already beginning to happen and it will only get worse from this point forward.

The ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate which means rising sea levels while drought conditions and extreme weathers are becoming more frequent in areas all over the world. Scientists predict that by 2022 half of America will no longer have food sources due to drying out soils and massive flooding in certain areas.

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